See you later?

I have been thinking, what would be my first post in this blog. There are so many things I want to write about but it’s hard to decide which one to write first. So, here SOCIAL MEDIA DETOX.

Recently, I’ve been thinking of removing my social media accounts like temporarily deactivating them just to see how it’s like not looking at them on a daily basis. I have been contemplating for a couple of weeks already, reason as to why I haven’t done it yet? I really do not know. I mean, I know it will do good but because it has been like a routine (I do not think it’s a good routine though) that became a bad habit and I kind of do not know how to tackle it.

Since COVID came, I think I relied more to looking at my socials to distract me from what is really going on outside, you know odd tiktok dances, acting challenges, singing challenges, anime previews and Amazon finds. So, the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and tiktok did try and divert my attention for a short span of time. It didn’t last long though. I’m still on to it apart from tiktok (That damn app won’t give you a break, you swipe and there’s always new things so you end up being on it for hours on end!) sounds unhealthy right? So, what’s gone wrong? Sure, it did divert my attention however, it became a habit, a very unhealthy habit. Like imagine waking up in the morning and the first thing you look at are all your socials and you go bed at night and that’s the last thing you see? I find it sad, annoying and disgusting at the same time because I know I have better things to do than looking at socials early on the day or later on the night (such realization). To be honest my husband has pointed that out to me quite so many times (he too is in this kind of situation right now) and stubborn me doesn’t really want to admit it. Since both of us has active social media accounts, even though we both realize that we spend too much time on our phones, we talk about it and then we still do it anyway. Like in the morning, instead of us looking at each other in the morning, the first thing we see is our phones; quite sad really but we have put some measures to lessen it a bit, at night once we hit the sack we don’t look at our phones – and if I am being honest it was quite hard – we still try though to this day.

Last night I’ve told him about my plan on deactivating my socials and he too agrees that it’s a bad habit and he too wants to detox from our socials. He has asked me what would I do once my socials are gone. I have thought about it, it’s not like I do not have any hobby at all. I used to have hobbies; apart from watching anime, I used to write and read books, I previously had a go with knitting and I used to do cross stitch. So, I said to him I might start reading my books again, have a go with this blog and continue my stories. Because my goal for the upcoming 2021 is to try and get a little bit of life back and productivity. 

So, I am thinking of moving forward to this idea this new year. When exactly this new year? I do not know? Early this year maybe? You see, this is supposed to be a simple decision, not supposed to be pondered about but because for most of us our socials became a part of our lives, It did with mine. It became my newspaper, my magazine, my news outlet, my TV, I take my phone everywhere in the house browsing FB, Twitter & Instagram and for what? Probably nothing, a waste of precious time. Imagine those times when I was supposed to clean but there I am staring at my phone, looking at my socials for hours on end (very productive) ending up not doing anything and likely doing it the last minute or the last hour of the day or “I’ll do this tomorrow” very productive right? NOT!

So, to end this, like I said earlier, I will at some point remove my socials early this year. When I have already deactivated it, I will come back and share my thoughts, how I am dealing without my socials. I know I’ll probably be alright, I’ll get used to it somehow plus I am just probably sounding dramatic. So, see you next time!

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