Whisked away

Have you ever had dreams where you think it was really happening? Like it’s so vivid that when you wake up from it you feel so tired or overwhelmed and you remember every single detail of it? YEP me! My dreams are always so active, so vivid that sometimes I don’t know whether I really slept or I have been whisked to another world doing the unbelievable.

So, along with my thoughts, I will as well document my peculiar dreams (ones I can remember of course). Honestly, they can be very interesting. Let me tell you one that I remember to this day.

I once dreamt of me being a pirate and a captain at that. I owned a huge ship – when I say huge like really huge – in that dream, I sailed in a sea of yogurt (that was fun) with strawberries like iceberg. I remember swinging from where the mast are to another and then standing on the very front of my ship with poise and grace, seemingly proud of what I have. I remember battling some incoming pirate ship, fighting and invading their ship oh it was a lot of fun. Just in case you are wondering what I was watching before I went to bed, I don’t think I have watched anything pirate like at that time nor ate any nice yogurt or strawberries. I don’t know, this is just one of my adventurous dreams. Then when I wake up, I didn’t know what to make of with my dream and I can’t pinpoint whether I really had a good sleep or not.

Oh, just a question to all the couples out there, do you sometimes dream of your partner/husband/wife/girlfriend/boyfriend cheating on you? And when you wake up you are like very mad at them because they cheated in your dream? Yep, I had dreams like that, it wasn’t nice my husband ends up apologising for no reason at all.

I had many dreams that were very adventurous just like my pirate one. Some of my dreams are way too realistic like when I wake up, either I am crying or I feel a heavy pressure on my chest. I don’t think it is a nightmare though. My dreams vary, it can be adventurous or emotional one or just an ordinary dream. Sometimes I google dreams meaning because sometimes my dreams involve animals such as snake, things, death of a love one or a broken tooth or something odd like that. Having these kind of dreams makes me wonder why am I having this kind of dreams. It’s like being transported to another world like the ones you see on anime, it’s just sad when I wake up though because I am back to reality. Oh well, at least I can have a little bit of an adventure especially with what’s going on in this world right now.

So, hopefully you enjoyed reading this, I hope you find my dreams amusing as much as I do. Till next time 

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