Dreaming about minimalism

I don’t know exactly what is happening in my dream last night but here it goes;

It seems like either I was working or I was in school. I’ve seen familiar faces of present and previous colleagues, there is an unfamiliar old lady there too. So, we are all in this big fancy building and where our classroom/office there’s a very spacious toilet suite. What I mean by spacious is like the ones you see in shopping centers? Like that. So, in that suite there are cupboards and drawers for people to use (like lockers type of thing) so I went there and apparently, I have stuff remaining there – some old perfumes, gifts and clothes! In my dream, I was not living at that building, I live with my husband and in that dream I remember giving him a call and letting him know that I have stuff here that needs to be donated or something. So, as I rummage about the drawers I’ve seen all my pyjamas and old perfumes and then I’ve seen as well in this one corner that I have other clothes too like jackets and all. I spoke to one of the securities in the building and said to him “I am supposed to go home now, but I have a lot of stuff to pack. I didn’t realize I have that many” and he just laughed. I then decided to go home for the day and my colleagues were staying. One of my colleagues said that they are still finishing something (it looks like a project to me) so off I go. I was walking home and I’ve seen this lady with kids and she’s videoing herself (don’t know whether she was on live or something) and then I asked her which way is the Liverpool hospital and she’s told me which way to go. Apparently because I was distracted and I cannot stop thinking about my stuff, I wanted to go back and midway I thought I was lost. So, I went back I’ve seen the hospital so the way is familiar. I went back to the building and I spoke to one of the securities and said “I’d probably be going home later, I want to tidy all my stuff” and vented my frustration to them. I went ahead and looked for bags, I’ve started packing. I’ve seen my red corduroy jacket, some T-shirt’s and what not. I was then on the phone to my husband saying I need a lift in a bit because I need to donate some stuff. I was speaking to this lady who woke up in her sleep (the toilet in that dream was quite a bit open, it was weird).

In this dream too, I’ve seen this lady and her kids again (the one who’s videoing herself) in the building and they too have some stuff. Things were all over the place so I started sorting and then playing with her kids. And then I woke up. 

This dream felt like it’s so real! Only because in reality I do have old pajamas tuck away in one of our unused luggage and seeing them in my dreams was like a shocker, because I haven’t seen them since forever. I own used and half empty perfumes that I do not use and they’re just tuck away in a box! Though I don’t own a red corduroy jacket and I don’t have that many T-shirt’s. Thinking about it my husband owns more clothes than I do!! 

So how did this become a dream of minimalism, last night me and my husband was watching the new documentary by Matt D’Avella regarding minimalism. So, there were words thrown such as decluttering, donating and what not. Just to clear things up, me and my husband are by far not minimalist. We do try and be minimal with some of our things but it’s easier said than done and if I can just be honest, I am quite sentimental and to get me to let go of some stuff, I’d need to be mentally prepared and it would take me a year to years before I decide to let go of some of my stuff. I remember 2 years ago I have a luggage full of clothes, clothes that I owned for more than a decade and I don’t use them. I only decided to let go of them 2 years ago (took me quite a while isn’t it) at least though I don’t hoard.

I try to look for meanings of my dreams and Maybe this dream is saying to me that I should start to declutter, I don’t know. Maybe this coming spring? Well, I need to go away now to contemplate on my next move regarding stuff that we or should I say “I” do not need! 

Till next time

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