6 Things I’m Looking forward to this year

2020 hasn’t been the best year for everyone. It was especially difficult, stressful and was a big change. New normal was introduced such as social distancing, wearing mask and believe it or not washing hands as often as possible. As we have now entered 2021, we are still experiencing the remnants of 2020, having said that though, at least there is a little bit of hope in it. To be quite honest, I was not looking forward to the new year. Very pessimistic right? Well after all that’s happened last year, staying positive is proving to be quite difficult for me lately. 

So as much as it sounds like I am not putting my faith in this year, there are at least a few things that I am looking forward to this year. Whilst drafting this blog, it’s quite a challenge thinking of these few things that I am looking forward to. I have jot them down on a piece of paper prior to finalising it today and it took me at least a week to realise these things. So, for now I have written down what I think is the most realistic / close to reality / something that I hope will happen in the coming months. So, let’s get started! 

  • Therapy 

You might have read it in one of my blogs regarding my mental health, if not if you are curious or if you have time go ahead and read A look back on my 2020 as I have detailed there my current state. So, going back, I had my first session last Tuesday the 12th. My first session was, as what my counsellor calls getting to know stage, he asked many questions and I have described me, what’s going on right now, how I am right now and lots of stuff. It was exhausting but it relieved me. I will be having a weekly session with my counsellor and I am looking forward to how he’s going to help me cope and how to help myself. All the negative emotions that I am feeling right now is all new to me so I am looking forward into him helping me help myself and be better at taking care of me. 

  • My mom’s birthday

Although we are currently in lockdown and likely we’re unable to celebrate her birthday with her, I am still looking forward to my mum’s birthday. The thing is mom texted us after new year and she’s quite gutted because her plans to go on holiday was cancelled and of course at that time there was a looming news that another lockdown will happen (and it did) so she made a group text for me, my husband and her partner explaining what she wanted to do on her birthday. The text says – words to this effect – 

It will be my 53rd soon so instead of me telling you what I want for my birthday I’d like you to gift me something that you think I like. It had to be 53 items divided to 3 of you. 

Price range could be £1-10. If you struggle you can get in touch with my best friends and ask for advice. 

So yeah. My husband completed his already and my mom’s partner has completed his and I think mine will be soon. You know what’s challenging with this idea? SHOPS ARE CLOSED!!! Amazon has its convenience but it’s quite difficult to get something that I think my mom will like. As much as I do not like going out sometimes, it is better to see what’s in store than just shopping online. So, if you have any quirky gift ideas please do recommend. My husband’s gift to my mum is quite quirky, and my mom’s partner’s gift is quite going towards self-care and mine? I have candles 3 candles and I plan to bake her favourite cupcake and then I am stuck!!! I am close to gifting her chick peas at this point! So yeah, I am definitely looking forward to that. (I might steal her idea on my 32nd)

  • Vaccines

In all honesty, this thing is not really something that I really look forward to. Despite all the positives that it gives, it is something that I am really really really not looking forward to. The reason as to why I included it in my list is just simply because to ease my anxiety with COVID and that at least I’ll be protected. Now, the reason why at the same time I am not looking forward to it is because I am terrified of needles. I grew up afraid of them, so that’s why. Anyhow it is something good right? So, it does deserve a bit of a place. 

  • My new office 

Last December, I have bought a desk for our spare room. I wanted to have my own desk for quite a good while and I figured it was a good Christmas gift to myself. I wanted our spare room to be my very own “woman cave”, my own space. So last week, me and the husband decided to sell our spare bed as it poses no purpose in the house anymore and it is not being used and no one is likely to come have a sleepover anytime soon. So now, room is pretty bare. I only have my desk, a ladder shelf that I ordered the other day and a floor lamp. I am as of the moment on the process of completing my little room. It might take a while because I can’t go out to buy stuff that I need but it will get done at some point. I am so excited for this like I am already loving it being barely empty how much more when it’s completed! Once it gets completed I will do an office tour. 

  • Working from home 

Since the start of the pandemic, we have been working in the office. This is partly one of the reasons of my stresses and frustrations. I felt like we’ve been just thrown into it and even though they say that the office is a safe place, I highly doubt it. I still travel to work, I take the public transport and one of my worry is since my husband is a nurse and, in the frontlines, I do not know if he brings this virus without knowing and me carrying it without me knowing. I don’t know if my colleagues have it without them knowing and really, some people don’t wear mask or some do not wear it properly and not social distancing. Up to now I see very same people not following guidelines. Back when we are on tier 3, I see old people that should be home and being safe and a jam-packed bus and my god that stressed me a lot. I know I have no control over people however the world is not a safe place right now I just don’t understand why some just do not follow rules. So hopefully, a few weeks from now, we will be working from home. I have been asking them if we can all work from home since mid 2020 but no luck. I am glad that they are pushing it through now and I am keeping my toes and fingers crossed for it to go forward in a few weeks’ time. 

  • Upcoming hikes 

I can’t wait for the weather to get a little bit warmer! Me and my husband are planning to go for more hikes once the weather lets up. We might consider camping this year too (first time camping sounds so exciting!). Well hoping that by that time lockdown will ease up a bit and hopefully I had my vaccine by then. We haven’t planned a location yet but knowing my husband, he probably has a list of places to go. If there’s any place that I wished to go hike to, it’s Snowdonia Wales. My husband went there last autumn and he said it was lovely and views were spectacular so, I am hoping that I’d be able to experience that this summer. 

I think that’s it, for now anyway. Despite the uncertainties this year, there’s a few things that is worth looking forward to. Writing this blog makes me feel at least a tad bit hopeful and positive that there are good things that will happen this year. No matter how small or big it is, it is still something. How about you?  What are you looking forward to this year? 

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