A week into my social media detox

It has been a week since I decided to deactivate all my social media accounts. No twitter, no Instagram, no Facebook and no tiktok. I can’t believe I am doing well! I know, it’s only been a week but I view it as an accomplishment. I’ve had my socials for a number of years prior to removing them and not once I deactivated them for a long period of time and having them off feels so refreshing. It feels quiet and I don’t spend much time on my phone anymore. Well I’ll be lying if I say that I don’t use my phone at all, I still do only to listen to music, watch my favourite anime’s, odd YouTube videos and online window shopping. Most of the time I am just doing other stuff or drafting my next blog. Leaving my socials made me more in tuned with my surroundings, my head is a little bit clearer and I see myself more focused on things that has a bit more value.

As of the moment I am not itching to reactivate them yet, though I must admit it feels odd not seeing them on my phone. You know what I really miss? Facebook market!! A few of our stuff in this house is from Facebook market and surprisingly are in good conditions. It’s okay though, I can always ask my husband to look something up for me if there’s anything I want to buy in FB market or if there’s anything that we want to sell, he can always do it via his account so it’s a win-win. As of the moment, it is too early to tell whether I don’t or I do want to go back, I think for now I want to savour this peace. I kind of want to go back to the old days where social media is not a thing. Like back in the old days where I only know about YouTube and if want to watch something, there’s always the TV to rely on, read books or magazine, have an actual conversation with friends you know like texting or calling or write. 

It is just so nice doing the things that has value. And you know what I did this week? Even though it is not spring yet, I have spring cleaned one of our cupboards, we went to the recycling centre to throw out some stuff that we do not need, we sold stuff that deserves a new home and within the coming months more will be decluttered in our house. I have been more productive which is nice, a very good change it’s like rediscovering yourself. I once thought that I can never live without social media but here I am I BLOODY CAN! I know it is too early to tell but I can get used to this idea of just being free from it. I wake up in the morning and still I look at my phone and this is what I see;

My counsellor has advised me to post this anywhere and since my phone is my most used device at home I have made this wall paper to be reminded of what I need as of the moment, especially when I feel down or stressed. I ask myself what do I need right now? when I wake up and it just changing the whole mood. Sometimes my needs are not realistic but at least it helps me focus on what my soul needs at that very moment. Be it sleep, clean, shower, write or pet the neighbours’ cat, anything really. Just to make it clear though, I don’t detest social media but I have to admit that it can be draining and toxic. I am aware that there are advantages to it and so as disadvantages and for me the disadvantages got the better of me. Anyway, I think that’s all there is to it for now. Maybe in a few weeks’ time I’d post again about this. Till next time. 

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