Angels vs Demons


Last night, I was whisked away in a world where angels and demons are at war. 

In this dream I belong to this family who are achievers and have talents and possibly has super powers, while I was just a weak little thing who can’t do much. This family consist of me and a big brother and parents and they are very protective of me despite being talentless & weak (disclaimer: I don’t have a big brother in real life). I went to my supposedly cousin’s house and she has big plants, she was showing me her collection of Aloe Vera and one of them has been cut. She was showing that she can do a lot with just one leaf. Well it was amazing. She was watering her aloe plant and my god that aloe is regenerating like fast! You can literally see the aloe growing and healing itself! I was amazed.  I then went out for a walk with my brother and we noticed that there are 2 females following us. In the end they befriended us and then along came this man who is just strikingly good looking, though his aura was very intimidating. The busy roads just parted when he came. He came close to my brother and all of a sudden, a beam of light just shoots towards us and my brother dodged it – the end of that road exploded. This man then ran towards this town and me and my brother followed him and we noticed that the 2 ladies followed us. She was saying that he’s a demon and can’t be trusted. We reached this town, the town has an eerie vibe on it, like there is something wrong with it. The skies were cloudy, the town feels gloomy and feels restricted for some reason, all eyes were on us siblings. The 2 ladies were just behind us and my brother was looking for this man. All of a sudden, another man appeared and held me hostage. This man was humongous, looks nice but no, despite looking kind, his aura feels like he is up to no good – can’t be trusted. I was trying to free myself but my efforts were just wasted. My brother was held hostage too he was knelt in the middle of the town like he has done something wrong. My brother then was surrounded by some men with spear, but why?  I can see my brother was about to explode, he looked so angry, and then in a blink of an eye the man who approached my brother earlier came out of nowhere. He was inside this magic circle and my brother in it. He unleashes this power that blew everyone away, my brother was freed and so was I. Everyone in town looked so uneasy and angry. Did I mention most of the people in town were wearing white with weird logo on? The 2 ladies disappeared (one hid behind a tower). 

This striking man spoke to my brother and just said “too soon for you to unleash your power” my brother looked so confused, he said to leave this town because this town belongs to angels. They all retreated, and some of the towns people appeared bewildered. Then sun came out, me and my brother didn’t understand. We went home and we can see our parents packing up and I was even more confused, my brother, I think, knew what was going on and so as my cousin and they refuse to tell me anything. They just said someday I’ll understand. 

And that was the end of my dream!!!! My alarm woke me up and that was it! It has been a long time since I had a dream as vivid as that. Some of the dreams that I had recently was not that vivid and by the time I woke up I have forgotten it. So that’s it. Till the next dream!

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