The Hike that woke my senses

Spring has sprung, flowers starts to blossom and weather is lighting up a bit more, I think it is fitting to write about activities that I’d probably do once the weather lights up and once COVID19 restrictions has been lifted. So, I have so far 3 activities that I want to do this coming spring & summer, one is wall climbing, then camping and of course our usual, HIKING. I am looking forward to going on a hike again! I can’t wait to see beautiful sceneries, the drive to go there, to experience the thrill when doing a difficult hike, the adrenaline and a lot more. I just hope Mr. Johnson won’t extend the lockdown any further. 

So, let me tell you a little bit of a story of why I have fallen in love with hiking….

Hiking… The me who doesn’t like really enjoy extreme sports, tried hiking. Well, any physical activities really (unless necessary like daily exercise). The very first time I tried hiking, I thought it was just a harmless little climb up the hill thing. But heck no! the first time we went for a hike I think this was 2 years ago and this was in Manchester. It’s been that long, I quite don’t remember where but wae did climb this quite steep hill. At first, the little complainer in me is saying “oh this is tiring!” “I don’t wanna climb anymore!” but then as we go higher, there’s this feeling of satisfaction. Like if I turn my head on a different direction you see the lovely views and your efforts are not wasted and once we’ve reached the top I was thinking to myself “that was nice”. There and then I said to my husband – who looked very pleased that I was liking it – let’s do this more often…..

So, now every spring to summer we make time to go hiking. We didn’t do much hiking back in 2019 but we made it a mission to hike last year despite the pandemic (worry not, we have followed restrictions and whatever policy there is in place). We are hoping that this year we’ll be able to go for a hike once the weather becomes nicer. So today, I’d be blogging about my, by far challenging (scary if you ask me) hike that I have done last summer hence the title “the hike that woke my senses” cos it literally woke my very being. 

8 August 2020 my husband and I decided to go for a hike in Kinder Scout and Edale Peak District. It was a funny, scary yet satisfying hike. So, we started off going to the start of the trail however, we got lost. Not a good sign is it? To be more accurate we missed our starting point. We walked all the way to Mam Tor before we realised that we have missed the starting point. We walked for at least more than hour, we haven’t even started yet and we were tired already. So back we go and then the journey to the top started. 

My husband said this was a moderate trail, so in my head it won’t be that bad which at first it didn’t but as we go on, it was becoming – how should I put it – rocky? Difficult? Like climbing endless stairs? Something like that. Let me tell you though my legs were shaking, not because I was tired but because the more we go on, steeper it gets and more difficult to climb. Humongous rocks were everywhere, I was at some point doubting if I am able to go on. Some rocks were unstable but still stable enough to not give in. <see picture below>

We’ve then reached a point where there are 2 options either take the easy way or the hard way, but you know the easy way didn’t look easy! Sure, there’s a trail but people are already crawling whilst coming down, how much more going up and the easy way looks more dangerous only because the trail is like on the edge of a big hill. Basically, one wrong step = broken body. On the other hand, the hard way was equally dangerous, because it was all rocks, so, one wrong move my head is gone. So, me and the husband talked and because sometimes I can be quite exaggerated, I said to him “either way, I’ll die anyway” so he made the call. My husband said to me that he’d rather do the hard one now so that we won’t go back ever again and that at least we have done it, we’ll feel accomplished. So, I was sold to that idea and off we chose the harder trail. The harder trail has more rocks, my glutes was wrecked by the end of it. When I climbed them rocks it’s like you have to put your whole body into it, there were a lot of pulling up, pushing down, use this and that leg, engage this muscle and that like there is a coach behind me screaming for me to do this and that, except, it was just me. 

After all the climbing, we then reached to this at least 6 foot or more pile of rocks. If it was raining hard, this would have been a waterfall. I looked for any other way for us to get up but all of them are too risky and that our only option was to climb up this pile of rocks. To be honest I wanted to cry, not because it was hard but only because either way, one little misstep = injury, the worst-case scenario was already playing in my head. One of us would end up either having a smashed skull or dead (did I mention that sometimes I can be quite exaggerated? Hmm). So, my husband went first, I was watching him intensely and helping him out to figure how to climb the pile of humongous rocks. As we are not experienced climbers nor hikers, we just winged basically everything that we do along the way – part of the fun and thrill I suppose. So! at last husband has managed to get up the pile of rocks <as shown in the picture below>

I was super proud and relieved that he is safe. Now it’s me, my turn. I looked back at the trail that we previously gone through and said to myself “well, here we are nearly at the peak. I’ve come this far, no more turning back (as if I can turn back) I looked at the rocks that I am about to climb and the I remember joking to my husband “at this point I think you are trying to get rid of me, like look, no one’s going to catch me if I fall!” he just said that I will be alright and that he will help me through it. Then off I go, I was pep talking myself through the entire process, telling myself I will be okay, I can do it and to be honest I wanted to cry like I can feel my eyes welling up, because I was that scared. My husband has been coaching me where to put my foot and which hole or piece of protruding rock should I put my hand and I successfully managed! YAY! 

When I’ve reached that top, adrenalin, excitement, thrill, relief and a lot of feelings came pouring out. I was so happy, I think it dawned on me at that very moment that I do enjoy hiking and that I sometimes would want to feel a little bit of a thrill, a little adventure within an adventure. After that I kept saying to my husband, I wouldn’t want to do that again but I think deep inside me, I would want to do another difficult hike. I mean it was fun. I think the last time I have felt that kind of fun was when I was 8 or 9, you know when you’re a kid and you just mastered how to ride a bike without its support wheel and then you want to test how fast can you go, which I did do and ended up crashing and ended up having a badly scraped knee. So, yeah that was fun, I thought at 30 I wouldn’t experience something as thrilling as that or let alone being able to even hike. It is indeed a very proud moment, an achievement that I’d ever imagine to achieve. And that’s it! This hike was the very reason as to why I have fallen more in love with hiking and I am looking forward to us hiking when spring and summer comes. That’s it for now. Till next time! 

Here’s a picture of my husband being at the peak of Kinder Scout

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