I became a super hero

Oh hi, it’s been a while…. 

I haven’t posted anything for the past few months. Well there’s a lot to tell but for today’s blog. Yep as the title says, I did become a super hero!!……… in my dreams 

A few days ago, my husband asked me if I have a super power what would it be, and my answer to that is invisibility and to be able to fly. Unfortunately, that wasn’t my super power in my dream. If I remember correctly, I think my power was strength…. I think 

Don’t know how this dream came about but it’s either because of me and my husband’s power conversation or because of the Eternals trailer. So anyway, without further ado here’s how my dream went….

So, the world was peaceful, we are all doing our thing, all of a sudden, we were invaded by some alien weird looking creatures. So, fight broke. It was a losing battle as we are outnumbered. We were all captured apart from 2. We were then put in this kind of prison like where we were all kept but somehow, I was able to escape. I don’t know what kind of trickery I did to be able to get out. Apparently, I was doing some investigation to how we can all get out. Whilst that being investigated we learned that some powerful group like the eternals like are about to descend to earth not to rescue but to keep us as well. Honestly, I don’t think we were trouble. I think from what I understood from my dream, they just don’t agree with the power that we have. So, we had to hurry. When I was out, there was this guy who figured that we need this stone to overpower them and to destroy the barrier that my fellow heroes are captured in. I then went back and explained, they’re wondering how but one of the ladies figured that one of the guards is holding said stone. Also, the other lady that was able to escape figured it out and was able to get that stone.

Before I get on, while being imprisoned, there are other people as well that was captured. This one kid doesn’t necessarily have powers but I think she was just kind of different. From what I remember she’s a sea creature that wants to be human and her teacher accepts her and just wanted to be back to her. I promised this kid that I’ll reunite her with her teacher.

On to the main event. What happened then is, one of my friends has incredible sex appeal so she uses this to seduce the guards and get what she needed. She was so strong by the way, I think her power is that of an incubus but of course she was not able to use her power due to us being inside this barrier prison, so she uses whatever necessary to actually get the job done. She also is good at martial arts so the 2 guards were a piece of cake. We in the other hand started to congregate as the other girl that was not captured let herself be captured and not just that, she has found some other people as well who has powers. So, all of them purposely got captured. I was there meeting them and she has told me the plan. This lady explained that she already swallowed the stone and she has instructed that everyone will do the same. To be able to activate the power it needs to like radiate so her only solution to that is for us to sing on top of our lungs… I don’t know how she managed to smuggle her keyboard in but she did. This lady then started all the singing, she managed to destroy a quarter of the barrier. I on the other hand went out where the little girl was and broke the gate she was being kept in. I walk towards where the other was, tagging the little girl along. And you know what I was singing? The new version of the Not Your Barbie girl by Ava Max… don’t know why but yeah.

We managed to destroy the barrier, the area was surrounded with blue emitting lights like rays or something? We were glowing blue because of the stone. The eternals like beings has descended though was unable to stop the commotion. I think the stone was powerful enough to stop them from stopping us. The alien like creatures was defeated the eternals like being has asked them retreat for the meantime. They left, we won! Happy days! When it was finally over I was ugly crying like proper ugly crying wailing! I think I was overwhelmed and happy at the same time I was saying to the kid “I can finally fulfil my promise”. Everything is over, all is back to normal, I have reunited the kid to the teacher, it was a nice reunion, the kid’s eyes were smiling as she looks at her teacher who ended up adopting her. It was a nice loving look….

And then I woke up. That’s the end of it. 

I think I enjoyed that dream. Though it was tiring. I get tired just having so much action in my own dreams. I’m surprised that I am not sleep talking or sleep walking whenever I have those type of dreams. Oh well that’s it for now, till next time! 

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