Don’t Do it!

You know, they say that sometimes there are dreams that we won’t remember and there are those that we do remember. I had this dream back in 03/02/2021 (I wrote what the dream was when I woke up) like, have you ever had a dream where you witness someone take away their life and someone else’s? I did! It wasn’t pretty. It was scary as hell and quite traumatic….

So, here’s how it went. A high school friend apparently was depressed. I was there, I was talking to him and it is apparent that he was not himself. He kept on saying what he wants does not matter and he wanted to die. I was concerned and convincing him not too. He was saying he needs help but no one cares. And then it happened, he was playing with a bottle, and this bottle contained some kind of a mixture of gas. I was trying to stop him because I knew what he was about to do. He had a lighter with him too. I saw him drank the content of the bottle, threw half inside his house and in the unfortunate event someone else is inside that house (it was a child, I just don’t know whether the child is his or someone else’s child). He lit himself and he and the house blew. It was traumatic. I was like speaking to people, blaming people because I knew it will happen. I told people that if they listened he would still be here. Then it ended there, I woke up to my alarm. Thank goodness!

So, what’s the moral of the dream? Please talk to people and listen. Reach out your hand because this might help them.

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